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If you have a specific room or project in mind, this section will help inspire. With photos taken directly from our clients' homes.

Handcrafted Bookcases - Bristol Bookcase Company

Custom Made Bookcases

Our bespoke bookcases are built to be functional and stylish, making the most out of the space you have and designed to fit harmoniously into their surroundings. A great way to display books and family photos and a perfect solution for clutter-free living.

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Media and Alcove Units

Media units are a great way to introduce a focal point to your room. Our units are designed and built to fit your alcoves seamlessly, taking detail and inspiration from the room. Not only are they neat and functional but they'll transform your space.

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Beautiful fitted wardrobes - Bristol Bookcase Company

Fitted Wardrobes

A complete bedroom storage solution that is not only functional but also designed to look beautiful. Our fitted wardrobes are built to fit exact requirements, with a range different options and have an individual touch.

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Bespoke furniture - Bristol Bookcase Company

Bespoke Pieces

Whether it be under-stairs storage, a built in office, kitchen and bathroom solutions, or anything else, our passion for detail is perfect for developing creative ideas and maximising your storage space.

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