All our custom-made bookcases are built to fit your exact requirements. Nothing adds more character to a room than a beautifully handcrafted bookcase.

Our bespoke bookcases are built to be functional and stylish, making the most out of unused space around your home and designed to fit harmoniously into their surroundings. A great way to display books and family photos, a perfect solution for a clutter-free space.

Made to fit the height and shape of any room, we can design the ideal fitted bookcase for your home. Built for the home office, library or a living room, you can trust Bristol Bookcase Company to handcraft a solution, tailor made for you.

Mismatched and free standing bookcases are awkward and dated; and pale in comparison to our made-to-measure bookcases, designed to your exact specifications.

Tailor made bookcases - Bristol Bookcase Company

All Hand-Built and Custom-Made

Browse our examples from clients' homes below and get in touch to start the process of finding your perfect bookcase.

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